Services offerred include:-


  • New installations of combustion systems, ovens, kilns etc.
  • Pipework installations.
  • Heater servicing.
  • Burner servicing.
  • Burner replacement.
  • Breakdown callout.
  • Safety audits.
  • Efficiency audits.
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    System we cover include:-


    • Furnaces - for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
    • Kilns - continuous and batch processes.
    • Ovens - direct and indirect fired for food and industrial applications.
    • Dryers - conveyor type process dryers and steelworks ladle dryers.
    • Heaters - process heaters for air, water, thermal fluid and pipeline fluids.
    • Incinerators - conventional, recuperative and regenerative systems.



    Who we are.

    We specialise in the installation and maintenance of combustion systems, controls and fuel safety systems, safety surveys and energy audits. We can also offer advice about energy conservation using both traditional and new technologies.

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